Starting off is always tough. Everything is so new,
so bright and colurful. There's so much to learn and to taste and touch.
Each day is wonderful different.
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Baby Bloomer.
  . 100% fine cotton bloomers finished with white cotton lace, mini red yarn dye check, ..
Baby Boxer.
100% fine cotton boxers in mini navy yarn dye check (batiste cotton), 100% white cotton jersey bo..
Pink Baby PJ
100% baby pink cotton jersey pj set, matching pillow with white sateen ribbon, rabbit with pink c..
Blue Baby PJ
 100% baby blue cotton jersey pj set, matching pillow with white piping, rabbit with blue ch..
Sleeping Bag Blue
100% fine baby blue stripe poplin and piping is 100% fine cotton white flannel, front zipper, 2 s..
Sleeping Bag Pink
100% fine baby blue printed poplin with pink flowers and pink flannel lining and piping is 100% f..
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